Do You Believe in Miracles?!

With this challenge we are moving from learning a solid life skill to more of a life-expanding experience.  ATTEND A PROFESSIONAL SPORTING EVENT.  I have attended many professional sporting events in my life.  I grew up watching the local minor-league hockey  and baseball teams in Oklahoma City. Heck, I even watched the National Finals Rodeo a couple of times before Las Vegas stole it from us in 1978.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have watched games in each of the four major professional sports in the US.  I’m super excited about this challenge.

Family affair: son, brother, nephew.  Jacksonville Jaguars vs Minnesota Vikings. Dec 11, 2016.
I’ve liked watching sports for as long as I can remember.  In elementary school, I spent many summer Friday nights with my brother, Daryle, at the OKC Fairgrounds watching Sprint cars race around the dirt track.  I’m embarrassed to admit that in the 6th grade when my classmates were probably writing about the Iran Hostage Crisis or tornados I wrote my term paper about hockey.  In my defense, it was the time of the “miracle on ice”  and the medal-round victory of the US Olympic hockey team over the Soviet Union.  For a brief period of time during my first semester of college I even thought I wanted to be a radio sports broadcaster. My first and only journalism class cured me of that notion.

For about ten years now I’ve been the administrator of the Candy Bar Football League in which a small, ever-changing group of family and friends pick the winners of the NFL games each week every fall.  It’s high stakes. At the end of the season the winner gets a candy bar.  We started when Andrew first became an obsessive Philadelphia Eagles fan following a viewing of the Mark Wahlberg movie Invincible.  I’m also a part of the Pick-One-Fool Fantasy Football league.  If you don’t play Fantasy Football you can’t understand how you could find yourself watching some random NFL game just because DeAndre Hopkins is on your fantasy team.  That said, there’s nothing like watching a sporting event in person.

So, are you a sports fan?  Even if you aren’t I think there is definitely something about seeing a live sporting event.  Do I only think that because I am a sports fan?  Do you have access to professional sports where you live or do you have to travel, like I do?  Did you get to watch a professional sporting event as a kid?  If you are guessing that I’ve got a game in my near future, you’d be correct.  I’ll check back in with you next week.  In the mean time, if you have a favorite professional sport you like to watch, live or otherwise, I’d love to hear about it! Or, if you’d rather wash dishes than go to a sporting event I’d like to hear why??!

Before you go…although my kids aren’t professional athletes, they all played sports and it was pretty moving at times to watch them play.  In November, Rachel finished her Senior season playing volleyball for Greensboro College.  Getting to watch her play with heart and determination as a leader who left nothing on the court will always be better than watching any professional sporting event past or future.

It’s my blog… I can brag if I want.

3 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Miracles?!

  1. Val – I too am a HUGE sports fan. I grew up playing sports – softball – track – basketball – and the highly debated sport of cheerleading. When I was married to my girls dad we were both big Yankee fans; I remember staying up till 1am watching the Yankees and the Diamondbacks in the 2001 World Series which ended tragically for us. I grew up on a ball field – tournaments every weekend…and at one time my dream job was to coach…the only movies I have ever cried in were Hoosiers – Rudy – Miracle and Warrior – something about seeing someone fight for something – odds stacked against them…When Avery ran track for a couple years – we were at the Norman High track (where I had run many times) as she made the corner on her first run I couldn’t hold back my tears. I’ve been to a couple Kansas City Royals games and a couple Thunder games with my girls. Chris and I plan to go to a Red Sox game this summer – (his favorite team) …toured Fenway Park once that probably doesn’t count. I will follow up with you – but pencil me in for a Red Sox game – baseball is my favorite sport ~ Jeter – Posada – Williams – Rivera – Rodriquez – Petitte šŸ˜ – they were my dream team once upon a time

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  2. Not a sports fan; maybe because I never played sports as a kid, but I just don’t get the appeal. Having said that, I have spent what probably amounts to years of my life at baseball, flag football, basketball, and soccer games, as well as tae kwon do matches. And yes, I have attended a few professional games. But mostly we agree to save the money on a ticket for me and I’ll stay home and enjoy a British artsy-fartsy movie. My guys and I have agreed to disagree on this issue. One of Will’s favorite games is to quiz me on professional sports teams, and is always surprised when I can answer questions; while I don’t watch games, they are always on and I’ve listened to years of games. I know stuff.

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