If You Build It, They Will Come

When we lived in California we took a day trip to the little mountain town of Julian for the Julian Apple Days Festival. We drank hard apple cider, ate apple pie, and bought a hummingbird feeder. In The Birdwatcher, a local bird haven that sold all things bird related, we strolled onto their back porch […]

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In My Expert Opinion

It’s easier than ever to find out a little bit about a lot of things. Anything you want to know is available with a couple of click of a keyboard. Why doesn’t my lily bloom anymore? Is basil bad for dogs? Do moose live in Europe? Is moose the plural of moose? As nice as […]

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Your Daily Dose of Inspiration

I’m not a goal setter. Perhaps it’s my allergy to accountability. If you never set goals you can’t fail to meet them. But, if you’ve been following along with this latest blog reboot you know that I have set a goal for 2021: complete 40 challenges this year. Tell a few kind souls, like the […]

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It has been A WEEK. I don’t really feel like writing anything but I signed up for this and I’ve allowed myself to be derailed too many times. This won’t be a long post. Just a heads up about the challenge this week. If you are like me, and everyone I have even mentioned this […]

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