The 100 Things

Upcoming challenges are in purple

Interesting in joining in on one of these challenges? Let me know!

  1. Do something nice for someone but don’t tell them you did it
  2. Learn a joke and how to tell it
  3. Visit an orchard and pick your own fruit
  4. Climb a mountain
  5. Ride a roller coaster
  6. Become a pen pal
  7. Try yoga
  8. Rake leaves and into a big pile and then jump into them
  9. Persuade your parents to make a change for the environment
  10. Record your dreams for a week
  11. Go camping
  12. Ride a horse
  13. Become an expert at something
  14. Step outside of your comfort zone
  15. Run a 5k
  16. Help someone in need
  17. Play in the mud
  18. Learn to play an instrument
  19. Try another country’s food
  20. Learn a dance
  21. Volunteer in your community
  22. Adopt an animal
  23. Read an entire book series
  24. Make homemade ice cream
  25. Go to a concert
  26. Learn how to sew on a button
  27. Catch a fish (and be sure to take a picture!)
  28. Go to a parade
  29. Write a letter to make a difference
  30. Experience a new way to travel
  31. Save enough money to buy something you’ve had your eye on
  32. Throw a backyard bash
  33. Plant a garden and watch it grow
  34. Attend a professional sporting event
  35. Ride a bike somewhere that you’d usually take a car
  36. Blow bubbles
  37. Swim in an ocean, lake or stream
  38. Take a trip to a state that does not border on your own
  39. Join the workforce (temporarily)
  40. Become a public speaker
  41. Learn how to scramble an egg, make a grilled cheese sandwich and ice a cake
  42. Make your own comic book
  43. Visit a working farm
  44. Learn about a religion other than your own
  45. Write a poem
  46. Watch a black-and-white movie
  47. Champion a cause you care about
  48. Learn to speak another language
  49. Discover your hidden talent
  50. Donate your old clothes and toys to a charitable organization
  51. Bake something from scratch
  52. Fly a kite
  53. Prepare a picnic and find the perfect spot to enjoy it
  54. Read a biography (or autobiography) of someone you admire
  55. Visit a zoo, an aquarium, and a museum–and take pictures
  56. Make a list of 10 things you like about yourself (and then read it whenever you’re feeling down)
  57. Start your own business
  58. Catch lightning bugs
  59. Be an explorer
  60. Make an inspiration board
  61. Learn sign language
  62. Organize a scavenger hung
  63. Check out the view from the top of one of the world’s tallest buildings
  64. Build a sandcastle
  65. Learn to whistle
  66. Perform on a stage
  67. Start a collection
  68. Go snorkeling
  69. Conquer a fear
  70. Be a team player
  71. Try a pogo stick, Hula-Hoop, and jump rope
  72. Make up a scary story and master the art of telling it
  73. Reconnect with an old friend
  74. Complete a puzzle with 500 pieces or more
  75. Host a board game night for your friends
  76. Solve a mystery
  77. Make a bird feeder
  78. Learn how to take a great photo
  79. Lie in a hammock and watch the world pass by
  80. Memorize all the words to your favorite song, and then belt it out when it comes on the radio
  81. Canoe, kayak, or float in a tube down a river
  82. Learn to do a cartwheel
  83. Make an awesome paper airplane
  84. Build a fort
  85. Learn how to properly set the table
  86. Look through a telescope at night sky
  87. Master the art of a great handshake
  88. Discover your inner Picasso
  89. Have a water balloon fight
  90. Find your lucky charm
  91. Check out the view from inside a famous building
  92. Pick a sport and stick with it
  93. Interview your grandparents
  94. Stay up all night
  95. Invent something
  96. Discover your personal style
  97. Take a basic first aid from the American Red Cross
  98. Make a video about something important to you
  99. Learn to identify these five harmful plants
  100. See these five all-time classic movies