Buttons Are Gross

The latest challenge appears simple on the surface and could easily be dismissed. LEARN HOW TO SEW ON A BUTTON.  I’ve sewn a button or two in my time.  I don’t sew, so any button-sewing for me is strictly in repair mode.  I used to be one of those people who saved those replacement buttons that come with shirts, jackets and sweaters, but after moving several times with a jewelry box compartment filled with buttons for apparel I no longer owned, I stopped.  Maybe I just get rid of clothing before the buttons fall off or possibly when the buttons DO fall off.  (Now, I’m picturing landfills filled with perfectly good shirts just missing one button and feeling a bit of guilt.)

In reality, I don’t wear a ton a clothes that have buttons.  From 2 1/2 until approximately 7 years of age my daughter, Elisabeth, actively disliked buttons.  Functional or decorative.  She wouldn’t wear them, didn’t like it if I wore them, even disliked pillows that had them.  Buttons were “gross”.  Searching for clothing without decorative buttons: easy.  Searching for clothing without functional buttons in reality means your child wears a lot of t-shirts. Not a lot of button-sewing going on at our house during that period of time.  I didn’t stop wearing clothing with buttons to appease my four-year-old but if I didn’t love it, I didn’t wear it.  It wasn’t worth it.  When you have little kids, who has time to button up a shirt anyway! Plus, shirts with buttons also tend to be shirts that require ironing.  I’m not usually organized enough to have a shirt ironed and ready to wear. Lee has always been the chief ironer in our house and ,now that I think about it, he’s probably the primary button-sewer, too.  The Marine Corps prepared him well for a lot of things including button-sewing and ironing.

What about you? Are you someone who saves those replacement buttons and actually uses them?  Are you the person people seek out when they’ve lost a button?  When is the last time you sewed on a button? Any tips for me as I proceed?   I’m off to find a button that needs replacing!  Failing that, I’ll just do some practice button-sewing so that I’m prepared for the future.  I do think this is a good skill for kids to learn.  Maybe I’ll make Andrew sew on a button, too.

Before you go…I’m feeling the need to explain that when I do get rid of clothing, I donate it to the local Goodwill or some other charity organization. I’m not marching to save the trees everyday but I’m not as callous about the environment as it may appear.  Also, today, I’m exactly one month from my 49th birthday and feeling pretty good about the challenges I’ve completed so far.  Thanks for taking this journey with me!  It wouldn’t be the same without you.



3 thoughts on “Buttons Are Gross

  1. Haha I’m also someone who has a stash of those ‘spare’ buttons that come with garments but can only think of a couple of occasions I’ve ever needed them! Maybe I should have a sort through…

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  2. Val the landfill full of shirts with missing buttons – cracked me up! I also did not know Elisabeth hated(s) buttons. That is hilarious (but I’m sure it wasn’t when she was a kid) Olivia buttoned her coat wrong till she was 14 it seemed. Could never line up the buttons! I will just say – I mend all my own clothes which includes sewing buttons back on BUT they always look like a blind 4 year old did it. I do not have a great attention to detail that is why currently I have 4 bottles of mustard in my refrigerator – I get to the store and think think think…do I have mustard?…nope don’t think I do! 😬 Anyway – I’m going to read up and learn the correct way to sew on a button – like do you cross cross the stitches ect – I’ll see ya soon with a perfectly placed button – all my other clothes will still be ratty with their mangled button sewing job – but start somewhere – ❤


  3. Yes, I am also one of those who saves extra buttons, although lately I have been thinking about bagging them up and donating them. I’ve seen cute crafty things that people do with buttons; I have no desire to actually do those things but am happy to support others who do. I think I save them because I do sew (or have in the past) and it’s just a habit to save scraps because there may be a need in the future. Unfortunately all that forward-thinking takes up a fair amount of closet space, and I don’t have your motivation of frequent moves to inspire me to clear things out very often.

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