Sing a Song

This next challenge is really no challenge at all for me.  MEMORIZE ALL THE WORDS TO YOUR FAVORITE SONG, THEN BELT IT OUT WHEN IT COMES ON THE RADIO.  I’ve been doing this as long as I can remember.  Ask any of my kids and they’ll tell you.  I cannot sing but that does NOT keep me from singing.  Especially in the car.  I have distinct memories as a grade-schooler of singing along to the radio in my brother Daryle’s car.  He, of course, would turn down the music mid-song to mess with me but that’s proof I’ve been singing along for a long time now.

I listen to a wide variety of music:  Old school rock, 90’s pop, a little country, anything from the 80s, show tunes, hip-hop, even children’s music.  The poor folks who attend Preschool Storytime at the Library have to listen to me sing every week!  Here’s a free early literacy tip I often share: kids don’t care what you sound like.  Singing helps them get ready to learn how to read and it’s something they like to do!

As you can tell, I’m a big proponent of singing.  When Lee was deployed to Iraq my kids (especially Elisabeth and Rachel) and I spent almost an entire year playing a kareoke PlayStation game called SingStar.  As long and difficult and worrying as that year was we still managed to have fun.  You haven’t really bonded with your kids until you’ve tackled Ice Ice Baby as a duet.  Singing gave us some really good times.  It was also the year I finally realized that I was singing the words to Rocket Man all wrong.


Since I really love to sing and don’t have much issue memorizing the words to my favorite songs I’ve got to figure out a way to really challenge myself this week.  I’m going to try and tackle something different.  Nothing from the movie Frozen.  I’ll stay away from Bobby Brown and The Spice Girls.  When we meet again later this week I’ll have tackled something that I don’t usually sing along with.  And I promise, you won’t have to listen to me sing it.

So, are you a car-singer?  Do you loop a song on repeat until you’ve mastered it?  What are some of your favorite songs to sing along to?  This week let your inner Celine out, sing along with Whitney, John Waite, Florida-Georgia Line or whoever makes you want to sing like there is no tomorrow.

 Before you go…take some time to listen to Rocket Man by Elton John this week and tell me if you’ve been singing the line “Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone” correctly.  I’m not sure what I was singing but it wasn’t that. 

2 thoughts on “Sing a Song

  1. Since I also am a big singer, in the car or anywhere else, I may skip this challenge to continue the challenge from last week Will and I are still working on the puzzle. Either that, or I could list the words here to any of a multitude of Billy Joel songs. 🙂

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